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Haisley’s Birthday Money

By Nycole Freer & Toni Anne Villegas

What to do with the money you are given for your birthday?

Today is Haisley’s birthday! Come join the party! She’s excited for games, cake, and presents, but she ends up getting valuable lessons as well. When her parents give her money to celebrate, she wonders what to do with it. She has to be responsible by learning to save, spend, and give. This is a cute story full of rhymes and gorgeous illustrations, as well as lessons kids can take with them for the rest of their lives.



"Haisley's Birthday Money can help parents give their children a strong foundation they can build on as adults and set them on a path toward a successful life early on.


Maria Victoria Beltra, FOR Readers' Favorite

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This book is dedicated to children of all ages who deserve to be taught financial literacy.

This book is also a tribute to my daughter, Haisley, my inspiration, and to my husband who has been a constant support along this journey to bring money matters into the minds of our youth.


Nycole Freer is the visionary behind Eden Financial. 

Founding her company in 2023, Nycole believes in educating others on how to build a thriving financial life. Leading with the mantra that personal finance is “more personal than finance,” Nycole has helped others bring their financial goals to life by first understanding them as people. Investing quality time into building a relationship with each person she serves is of the utmost importance to Nycole.

About the Author:

“I want to be able to help people like my younger self, who had the right financial intentions but who needed guidance on everything from A-Z when it comes to financial planning and investing.”

She is a wife, mother, entrepreneur, author and healthy living advocate who resides in California.

From early childhood to teenage years, and from emerging adulthood to retirement, Nycole strives to provide resources that can help educate and empower people at all stages of life.

“Co-authoring this children’s book was the fusion of my two greatest loves, teaching and writing. As a mother and grandmother, having the opportunity to create a book that teaches core lessons about money to the next generation was a perfect fit. Good money management is a gift that can and should be passed from generation to generation.”

Toni Anne Villegas

About the other Author:

Co-author Toni Anne Villegas is a proud mother and grandmother who resides in California’s Temecula Valley with her husband and beloved Labrador Retrievers.