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When Change Makes Dollars and Sense, Evolving into Eden Financial

At the dawn of a New Year, many people embark on resolutions. For me, I view every day as an opportunity to begin again, and I focus on being open to the signs God is giving me to help chart my life’s course. In November of 2021, I began to see that something bigger was in store for me. I was making it known that I wanted to step into a bigger role to serve clientele, but instead of forward progress I was seeing doors close. My aspirations and service-driven heart were longing to connect and engage with others in a deeper and more meaningful way, and it became apparent that was only going to happen if I chose to make a change.

Eden Financial was born from my desire to help a niche in the market that is underserved yet so deserving. Many families or young entrepreneurs don’t necessarily have a lot of liquid assets to invest. Yet, they have the longing to build wealth and financial independence. When I was nearly 20 years old, I went to into a well-known bank branch and spoke to an advisor. I shared that I had $500 to invest. He told me to come back when I had more money. I never went back – instead, I became the advisor I was looking for. Through Eden Financial, I will be able to serve others like me who have the best financial intentions but need the right guidance. From the fundamentals of financial planning to the complexities and nuances of building wealth, my goal is for Eden Financial to be a trusted resource for women, children, young families, and emerging entrepreneurs so they can thrive.

Change is hard…but so is staying in a stage of life you have outgrown and denying your calling. Change is scary…there are so many unknowns. However, change is beautiful. Change is an opportunity to grow and stretch as a leader and an entrepreneur in order to help others in pursuit of their own goals. Creating Eden Financial has been more than merely launching a company. Eden Financial is providing me with a platform to help my family, and others, create legacies through developing healthy financial habits. I am inspired to see my clients realize sustainable financial change that can allow their lives to be enriched and their goals realized. It’s both the start of a new chapter for me and a fresh start for my clientele. 

Change makes dollars and sense when you can do what you love while helping elevate others. As the saying goes, “a rising tide lifts all boats.”  If you are feeling stuck in a professional role, habit, or a cycle that you feel no longer serves you, I encourage you to boldly step into a chapter of change. I believe we can become all we hope to be if we put action into our vision, one day at a time.

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